Chapter 8 ID/SIGs due September 18:

Chapter 8
William Howe
Nathanael Greene
Benedict Arnold
Thomas Paine
Marquis de Lafayette
John Jay
Natural rights

Second Continental Congress  
Common Sense
Declaration of Independence
Treaty of Paris of 1783  
"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else." ~Clarence Darrow

Paine reading for September 12 homework:

Use link to read the chapter from Thomas Paine's Common Sense --
After reading, list three central ideas Paine presents against the concept of monarchy. Then summarize the information presented by paraphrasing it in simpler, but still accurate, terms in one or two sentences.
(Common Core Standard RST-2)

Chapter 6 & 7 ID/SIGs due Sept. 11:

Chapter 6
Samuel de Champlain
William Pitt
Robert de la Salle
James Wolfe
Edward Braddock
Seven Years' War
Albany Congress
Proclamation of 1763

Chapter 7 
Sons of Liberty 
Navigation Acts 
Declaratory Act 
1st Continental Congress 
Sugar Act 
Townshend Act 
Quartering Act 
Boston Massacre 
Admiralty court
Boston Tea Party
"History is a pact between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn." ~Edmund Burke

More Turbo time Questions!

5. Describe “triangular trade”…
6. Why did towns seem to cluster around slow, navigable water sources, like gentle
rivers, or by the ocean?
7. Why was William and Mary College founded in 1693?
8. What “New Light” centers for higher learning were founded as a result of the First Great Awakening?
9. What school did Benjamin Franklin help launch?
10. What was notable about poet, Phyllis Wheatley?
11. Freedom of the press scored a huge early victory in the case of what printer?
12. How were representatives chosen in the two house legislatures common to most colonies?

13. Which region of colonial America didn’t like celebrating Christmas?