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Chapter 4 & 5 ID/SIGs due Sept. 2:

Ch. 4
American Life in the Seventeenth Century
Pgs. 64-81
William Berkeley
Nathaniel Bacon
Indentured servitude
Slave codes
Headright system
Middle passage
Bacon’s Rebellion
Half-Way Covenant
Leisler’s Rebellion
Ch. 5
Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution 
Pgs. 82-103
Jonathon Edwards
Benjamin Franklin
George Whitefield
John Peter Zenger
Phillis Wheatley
Paxton Boys
Great Awakening
Regulator Movement
old and new lights
Molasses Act
"Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all -- the apathy of human beings." ~Helen Keller

ID/SIGs chapters 2 & 3 due Aug. 24:

Chapter 2
Planting of English America
Pgs 25-40

John Rolfe

Francis Drake 

Lord Baltimore 

Walter Raleigh

James Olgethorpe

John Smith


joint-stock company 




royal charter 

indentured servitude

House of Burgesses

Spanish Armada

Act of Toleration

Virginia Company


Chapter 3
Settling the Northern Colonies 1619-1700
Pgs. 42-63

Thomas Hooker

Anne Hutchinson 

William Penn

Roger Williams 

Peter Stuyvesant 

Sir Edmund Andros

the “elect” 

“visible saints”







Dutch West India Company


Massachusetts Bay Company 

Dominion of New England 


Institutes of the Christian Religion 

Navigation Laws 

Protestant ethic

Mayflower Compact

Fundamental Orders
"The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world." ~Reinhold Niebuhr

Homework assignment for Aug. 11, 2014:

Please use link https://school.bighistoryproject.com/joinclass to create a student account on the BHP website.

You will be first asked to enter a classroom code.

If you are period 2 Luebbers enter this class code - LGZ1HR

If you are period 3 Luebbers enter this class code - CAT7D3

If you are period 5 Naron enter this class code - NAYHT8

Once you enter the classroom code you will be prompted to create a student account. Please follow directions.

Assignments will be posted in the future for points toward your grade.

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