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Chapter 41-44 ID/SIGs due April 30:

Chapter 41
War on Poverty
Peace Corps
Great Society
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Pueblo incident
Cuban Missile Crisis
Tet offensive
Alliance for Progress
Bay of Pigs
March on Washington
Chapter 42
Shah of Iran
Henry Kissinger
ABM treaty
SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)
Kent State killings
Watergate scandal
Mayaguez incident
Twenty-Sixth Amendment
Pentagon Papers
Iranian Hostage Crisis
Chapter 43
Jimmy Carter
James Watt
Jesse Jackson
Anwar Sadat
Geraldine Ferraro
Ronald Reagan
Sandra Day O’Conner
"supply-side" economics
affirmative action
SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative)
Chapter 44
Betty Friedan
Cesar Chavez
cultural nationalism
Comparable worth
The Feminine Mystique
electronic revolution
"The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world." ~Reinhold Niebuhr